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Current Projects
Brief update: June 28, 2007

I am currently working on several major projects:

In addition to the above larger projects, I have reflected a little on and written some notes for the following:

I will put up drafts of this work as it becomes suitable for public review, so check again later ...

I have also put up an associates program on the site, as well as a hit-tracking service. I have noticed that the plurality of visitors are looking for "educational philosophy". Who would have thought it? I do wonder why that is happening. Please support the site if you can, by buying from the associates program!

I have taken a few opportunities to learn about LaTeX, more about SQL (which I haven't used since 1999) and, eventually I also hope to learn Objective C, Cocoa and the XCode IDE. I have also written a brief program in Java to assist in those popular Sudoku puzzles. Email me if you want the classes or the source. (No GUI available yet. Sorry.)