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About me Find out who I am and what I do.
My resumé A copy of my resumé and other documentation about my education and work experience for employers and the curious.
Reviews, theses, articles, presentations A collection of papers from my work, categorized and annotated.
Current research projects What I am currently working on, including some non-research material.
Interesting people People professionally "connected" to me in some way.
Interesting organizations Organizations I am "connected" to. (Some rather loosely.)
Intellectual/professional influences Influences on my work, including an organization chart. Here you can also buy many good books on philosophy and other subjects via I have included brief reviews of hundreds of books.
Professional resources Research sources, associates programs, etc.
What is the philosophy of computing? A brief introduction to my primary professional interest.
My intellectual heroes A partial list of important people. Limited to the dead.
My educational philosophy As a sometime teacher I've developed one. Includes book resources.

Book Influences - Language: General

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Confidence in Public Speaking Nelson Public speaking textbook from a course I did long ago.
Public Speaking Module Berger   Public speaking coursepack from a course I did long ago (same one as the other public speaking book).
The Communication of Ideas Royal Bank of Canada This is an odd collection of how to write, use words, speak in public, etc. put out as a public service by a bank, of all things. Now over 40 years old even in this 19th printing, one can use the advice still, but it would have to be regarded as incomplete - and of course the social context mentioned has changed.


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