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Book Influences - Computing: Programming Languages

A Book on C Meekings The edition linked to is more recent than the one I have; hence the author is different. Good book for discussion of programming in C, rather than just a library reference or just a book on aspect of CS or other.
C Programming Chapman Another book on C programming.
C Programming Language (2e) Kernighan THE standard book on C, especially on the ANSI library.
DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model Keith This books is an introduction to the relatively new structure/content/behaviour distinction / method in web design. It uses the now more standardized DOM approach to this end. Warning: will not serve as an introduction to JavaScript / ECMAScript or to CSS. However, it works well from both a programming and a design perspective, emphasizing the duality necessary. Also be careful about browser compatibility, which in my view is not given enough attention in the book.
Introduction to Programming using SML Hansen ML is an interesting language, though this book could introduce it better.
Java Programming Language Arnold Somewhat out of date, this is a Java language reference.
Java Examples in a Nutshell Flanagan I went looking for a good book that discussed briefly various Java API topics, including JDBC. This is what I found. It seems to be quite comprehensive, enough for me to try to build a front end for my books database.
Just Java 1.1 And Beyond van der Linden Another somewhat out of date Java language reference with rather more detail than the Arnold one, above.
ML for the Working Programmer Paulson I wish I had had this when I started learning ML and functional programming.
PHP Cookbook Sklar and Trachtenberg A 26 chapter collection of little "how tos" in PHP. Covers string handling, dates, internationalization, debugging, SOAP and much else.
Programming Visual Basic 2008: Build .NET 3.5 Applications with Microsoft's RAD Tool for Business Patrick A whirlwind tour of the product of the book's title. Covers the language, the tools and the .NET runtime, all in overview. A useful reference; not suitable for completely novice programmers, at least by itself. Warning: contains many, many corny jokes.

Special Edition Using Java Beans

White No doubt obselete. I have never used this book for anything beyond my first read through it.

Special Edition Using JavaScript

Wooldridge No doubt there are better and more recent books on this subject than this one, but I still find it profitable to consult as a brief reference for small projects.

Turbo Pascal

Koffmann I find Pascal obnoxious and annoying as a language, and this book is ridiculously dated. However, the book itself is pretty good, though Koffmann (to my recollection) never once explains that one of the concerns with Pascal is Borland's bastardization of the language. (Which, of course, is a fix for limitations in the language generally.) The "turbo" in the title will clue in a sophisticated user (as I was, being used to Metrowerks Pascal as well as Turbo when this was assigned to me at McGill) of Pascal, but sophisticated users don't need this information; newbies do.
Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL Willams and Lane

The "PHP and MySQL" is a good description of this book, as the focus on the volume is an introduction to PHP, an introduction to MySQL and an introduction to their interactions. Includes a complete, more or less working demo of an online store application as well as notes on installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on Linux, Windows and MacOS X. Also featured is a brief introduction to database design, and many patient chapters on all the introductions. PHP and SQL are interleaved, so that one can take advantage of their interaction as early as possible.