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About me Find out who I am and what I do.
My resumé A copy of my resumé and other documentation about my education and work experience for employers and the curious.
Reviews, theses, articles, presentations A collection of papers from my work, categorized and annotated.
Current research projects What I am currently working on, including some non-research material.
Interesting people People professionally "connected" to me in some way.
Interesting organizations Organizations I am "connected" to. (Some rather loosely.)
Intellectual/professional influences Influences on my work, including an organization chart. Here you can also buy many good books on philosophy and other subjects via I have included brief reviews of hundreds of books.
Professional resources Research sources, associates programs, etc.
What is the philosophy of computing? A brief introduction to my primary professional interest.
My intellectual heroes A partial list of important people. Limited to the dead.
My educational philosophy As a sometime teacher I've developed one. Includes book resources.

NDPR Review Items 2 Link
Ethics and the A Priori Ethics
The Cambridge Companion to Adorno Contemporary Philosophy
Can God Be Free? Philosophy of Religion
Globalizing Democracy and Human Rights Political Philosophy
Myths of the Underworld Journey: Plato, Aristophanes and the 'Orphic' Gold Tablets History of Philosophy
Value Matters: Studies in Axiology Ethics
From a Philosophical Point of View: Selected Studies Contemporary Philosophy
The Quest for Meaning: Friends of Wisdom from Plato to Levinas

History of Philosophy

War and Self-Defense Ethics
The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy History of Philosophy
Spinoza and Deep Ecology: Challenging Traditional Approaches to Environmentalism Environmental Philosophy
Plato's Dialectic at Play: Argument, Structure, and Myth in Plato's Symposium History of Philosophy
Inference to the Best Explanation, 2nd edition Epistemology
The Literary Wittgenstein History of Philosophy
Epistemology and the Psychology of Human Judgment Epistemology
Knowledge, Nature, and the Good: Essays on Ancient Philosophy History of Philosophy
Gilles Deleuze: An Introduction Contemporary Philosophy
Peace Talks -- Who Will Listen? Ethics
Pyrrhonian Skepticism History of Philosophy
Extending Ourselves: Computational Science, Empiricism, and Scientific Method Philosophy of Science
Thomas Reid on Logic, Rhetoric and the Fine Arts: Papers on the Culture of the Mind History of Philosophy
Freedom and Determinism Metaphysics
The Architecture of Matter: Galileo to Kant History of Philosophy
The Moral Demands of Affluence Ethics
Isaac Newton: Philosophical Writings History of Philosophy
Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit: New Critical Essays History of Philosophy
Reading Hegel's Phenomenology History of Philosophy
Aristotle: On Generation and Corruption, Book I, Symposium Aristotelicum History of Philosophy
Wittgenstein and Gadamer: Towards a Post-Analytic Philosophy of Language Philosophy of Language
Anne Conway: A Woman Philosopher History of Philosophy